Spin & Win Trial

Spin & Win Trial

Spin and play different challenges to earn and win money
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Spin and win trial is a fun and entertaining game where you can gamble in a spinning wheel where you will get different challenges and games, depending where the wheel stops. The main goal of this game is to make a certain number of spins earning as much money as you can. The game has different modes, classic mode where you will play 20 spins, marathon mode where you will play 100 spins and fortune mode where you can play a certain number of spins trying to earn a certain amount of money in the less number of spins possible. The different tiles or blocks where the spins stops will challenge you with a game, they will give you prizes or will punish you. Prizes are double points, triple points or a certain number of extra spins. When you get a bad spin, the game will punish you with no points, with a spin less or others. If you get a new challenge you can play Cherry triple as a roulette, you can scratch a combo, you can roll dice, and play memory game finding pairs, among others. Playing this game is very simple, all you need is move your mouse and press the spin button to select and play.

Birgilio Rivera
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